Sunday, February 14, 2010

Teatro Verano - Tronar de Tambores

The Teatro Verano is host, during all of Carnaval, to the official performance competitions.  We went to see some on Thursday and again last night.  All these pictures are from Thursday, and there are four acts. 

First group up was a lubolos group.  That meant drums and a full hour on stage.
Here's a good-ish picture of the drummers behind the central figure of the story.  If the constumes look familiar, this group marched in the parade I did pictures of last week.
Political correctness hasn't found its way to Uruguay's Carnaval.  All through the parade and in some of the performances we saw these Mammy and Pappy couples dancing.  They just seem to mill around.

This is a picture of the female dancer from a really badly danced sex scene in this group.  She wasn't the problem - it was the guy.  He was old, had to suck in his gut, and had the emotional range of a stick of wood.  Anyway, the photo's pretty.

Lots of jiggle wiggle dancing on the stage.  It seems to be the one step all Uruguayan women know how to do.  It was also the only step exhibited by the women of  this group.  Well, they exhibited a lot of their bodies, too.

More jiggle wiggle and lots of feathers.

More of the panoply.

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Gabriela said...

You are really bringing me back! Were you born in Uruguay? Where do you live? I am going back to visit on March 19!
email me!