Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back To Buffalo

 We went back to Buffalo Steakhouse last month.  It will be our last visit for a while - they had a fire and flood, so are remodeling.  While there, I had zeama (beautifully presented and no bones!) and Andreas had Greek salad.  His iced tea looked more like iced tea than normal, and he says it tasted pretty close to sweet tea. I had a beef salad as my main course, and it was good - had more beef than most other beef salads in the area.  I still wish they served other than mayonnaise or oil and vinegar for salad dressing around here, though!  Andreas had a burger.  This is his favorite place in Chisinau to get one.


pamelaric said...

Wow, that really does look like a great burger. Do you do any cooking at home? What is your kitchen like there? How does this compare to your place in So. America?

Meg Welch said...

Hi Pamela-

The kitchen is tiny and stuffed to the rafters with "consumables" - crates of food we can't find here. I know it seems like we never, ever eat at home, but we do about four or five days a week. I usually have people over once a week, too.