Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Green Hills Has A Restaurant

 Green Hills is one of the local grocery store chains.  It specializes in fresh food and is one of the more chic places to buy groceries.  In the past year, they've opened a restaurant on the main drag - Stefan cel Mare Blvd - and it's pretty good.  We went with Corrin as part of her "farewell to Moldovan restaurants" tour.  Andreas had, of course, a Greek salad.  It didn't have much in the way of lettuce, which is something he appreciates.  He also had the chicken schnitzel - which was stuffed chicken - and iced tea.  The tea was red, which is fairly common here for iced tea.  It tasted more like fruit punch.

Corrin had french fries and mushroom-stuffed chicken.  It's one of her favorites and the reason we went.  I found fried mushrooms, which were very good with the exception of nothing to dip them in, and a soup which, somehow, we missed taking a picture of.


Tracey said...

Looks wonderful! Your post is making me hungry for dinner! ;)

Meg Welch said...