Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breakfast At Pegas

When we ate dinner at Pegas as a group, I remarked that their breakfast menu looked good.  The guys said that they were -not- ever going to get up early enough to go out to breakfast on a weekend.  Thus, a ladies only breakfast on a Sunday morning.  We enjoyed ourselves!  A lot of this stuff was shared.  I tried the "cottage cheese pancakes".  They did have cheese in them and were served with a side of sour cream.  Good, but odd to American tastes.  We don't expect our pancakes to have any sour.  Next picture is some kind of Ukranian dish.  It was basically a very thin layer of scrambled egg rolled up and cut.  Tasted just like it was, too, but very pretty presentation.  The other ladies had eggs, tomatoes and cheese, but I'm not much of an egg person.  The baked camembert at the bottom was sooo delicious, though, and so artful!  The red is a raspberry coulis and the fruit is pears.  Definitely something to have again!

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