Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back To Pegas

 Two days after our initial visit to Pegas, we went again - with friends!  John and Theresa were geographically single that day, so their spouses didn't go with us.  We did have a lovely dinner on the terrace that they missed, though.  Andreas ordered this pineapple-based drink.  It was non-alcoholic, but had things like parsley and basil in it.  He said it was definitely weird, but good.  John had a bacon ceasar salad.  His opinion of it is in his picture later in this post.  Andreas also had a (surprise!) Greek salad and an identical meal to the one he'd had previously.  When he likes something, he sticks with it.  Theresa had an eggplant salad and chicken salad as her meal.  Both were elegantly presented and tasted good, although the chicken salad could have had more spices in it.  John liked his steak, as you can see in his picture, and Corrin had pasta alfredo, which she enjoyed.  My steak salad was also very good, and I truly love the way they present their cappucino.  It even tastes wonderful!

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