Saturday, October 06, 2012


 We asked our agent about the best place to eat our first night in town.  She suggested a few places, one of which was Kompot.  It serves local Ukranian food, which, according to the menu, involves a lot of potatoes and chicken livers.  The big draw for us, though, was a drink.  Kompot, which the restaurant is named after, is popular throughout eastern Europe.  Kompot is fresh fruit that is put in a jar along with a little sugar.  Boiling water is poured over it.  Once that is done, it's capped and turned every once in a while, then enjoyed cold.  This stuff is GOOD.  I've started making it at home.  First we tried the cherry, then the strawberry.  Maybe I'll put up a recipe for my apple kompot on my blog in a week or so.

The rest of the meal.... I had chicken dumpling soup, which was good.  Andreas had chicken stroganoff.  He said it was pretty good, too.  The serving was huge.  My chicken Kiev (okay, so what else should you try in the Ukraine?) was on the dry side and could definitely have been made better.

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