Friday, October 12, 2012

Morning Glories

 A weed has been taking over my trellis, but I can't bear to uproot it.  Would you do that to these beautiful morning glories?


pamelaric said...

I wouldn't consider a morning glory a weed. Some people (including me) have paid very good money to buy and plant the seeds. :-) Enjoy!!!!

Jane said...

Hi Meg, I have morning glories growing on my fence by the alley; I love them. Depending on how old the blossom is, they can be blue, pink, or mauve. They will be gone soon.

Meg Welch said...

Yes, the morning glories are gone for the winter. They're still considered weeds in a lot of areas, and I know they weren't planted where they grow in my yard! They are pretty, though.