Thursday, October 18, 2012

Off The Walking Street

 This restaurant, that I forgot the name of, had live music when we were in there - and good food, too.  It looked very upscale on the inside, but they let us in in our jeans.  They also had free wifi, and we wanted to check our emails - our apartment had repeated wifi problems.

The strawberry margarita was good, and the green drink was Andreas' iced tea.  It's kind of funny looking at all the different colors of iced tea he gets in eastern Europe.  My mushroom soup was creamy and hot.  I also ignored my mother's advice an ordered Mexican food.  As you can see, it was more like a shwarma than a burrito, but it tasted okay.  Not Mexican, though.  Andreas had a very good hamburger, although the bun, as usual in eastern Europe, was a bit off from what a hamburger bun should be.

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