Sunday, January 13, 2013

Home State Finish

I finished Victoria Sampler's Texas Heart, and it's obvious that the heart was not designed by a Texan.  On the other hand, it's done, it's Texas-themed, and it'll make a nice little ornament.  It's also another finish from my crazy January Challenge.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg!

Well done on your stitching. And your stashing - I honestly can say I envy you after that picture 5 posts up :) May I ask: as a non-American it is not clear to me at all why this heart is not truly Texan. Please would you explain?

Zlatina (from TSS)

Meg Welch said...

Hi Zlatina- the colors are off on the bluebonnets. They're too purplish. They also look more like lavender spikes than bluebonnets, which are lupines. Also, the armadillo at the bottom should be upside down and with tire treads on it. Those are my main complaints. And thank you!