Friday, May 31, 2013

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon At Roata Vremii

 We took a drive on a Sunday afternoon in late April - the weather was gorgeous and the day spectacular.  Unfortunately, we could only find pizza places in Cimislia for lunch, so we came back to town and ended up with a very late lunch at Roata Vremii, so we could enjoy their terrace.  

Being adventuresome and seeing new liquor on the menu, I tried some.  I've forgotten the name, but it was Russian and came in several flavors.  Cherry sounded good to me.  As you can see, it came in a large shot glass.  The drink was a grappa, of sorts, and had more of an herbal than a cherry taste.  

We shared a placinte (cow's cheese), and it was good.  Placinte is ubiquitous here.  It's a dough similar to puff pastry dough with a bit more fat filled with cheese, pumpkin, apple, cherries, potatoes, or cabbage.  With the savory flavors, there's always dill.  For the sweet, there may or may not be sugar.

Andreas had his usual Greek salad and I my usual zeama with a mushroom salad too.  All were good, though they seem to marinate their mushrooms here more often than not.  It's difficult to get fresh mushrooms any way but grilled.  Excellent as always, though!

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