Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being A Regular

 When you go pretty much weekly to the same restaurant, over time they get to know you.  That's what has happened to us with Pizzeria Caruso.  They've noticed, for example, that Andreas doesn't eat as much tomato or cucumber as he does cheese and olives in his salad - and that he doesn't eat the onions at all.  So... they've started making his shop salad the way he likes it, without him asking.  Talk about customer service!  They've also let us ad and subtract pizza toppings.  For example, Andreas' diavolo now has olives on it.  It's also kind of neat to be able to walk into a restaurant and say "the usual" with the waiter knowing exactly what you mean!

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Margaret said...

How lovely to get tailor-made service at a restaurant.