Saturday, July 16, 2016

Butterfly BnB

 This is where we stayed, in Windhoek, on our first night in Namibia.  We didn't go straight to Etosha because we didn't want to drive after dark.  We'd checked this place out on trip advisor and thought it sounded nice.  Although the staff was very good and the dog was uber friendly, the infrastructure was awful.  There was no heating.  The temperature got down to the thirties that night, and, even though we had every blanket possible on the bed, I froze.  The chairs were an ancient stuffed chair and two plastic lawn chairs  There as no privacy.  The curtains were all sheer (even in the bathroom), so anyone could look in at any point.  I felt very exposed.  It is a place, because of this, that I would never recommend to anyone despite the friendly staff.


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