Friday, July 15, 2016

Dinner At Asador

The one thing I hate about Angolan restaurants is the completely-not-free table nibbles before your order is taken.  They can be a lot of money, and are not necessarily posted on the menu.  They also vary wildly in quality.  At Lookal Asador, it was proscuitto, bread, and butter.  They were not worth the $15 we paid for them.  Disappointing.

The special drink of the house is a port caprioska.  It tasted okay, but I think I'll stick with vodka next time.  They did get the provolera right.  One is "ranch style" and the other is regular.  Both of them were very, very good.

For some reason, I think it's an Angolan thing, the meat was overcooked.  It was perfectly good meat, but definitely overcooked.  They need South American training!  You can see pictures of the kitchen area below, too.

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