Saturday, March 17, 2007

Albemarle Framed

A few months ago, I finished this blackwork piece called Albemarle. My husband finished framing it tonight and took this picture. He picks out all the mat colors and makes the frames himself for all my projects now. Unfortunately, he's been traveling a lot and the garage has been too cold to work in, so this is the first he's finished in a bit. During the weekends he's home before we go to France, he'll hopefully get a few more done. Anyway, doesn't it look great?


Chelle said...

It's fantastic!

Cindy said...

What a pretty piece...and you're so lucky to have your husband do the framing for you :)

Meg said...

Thank you both! Yes, I'm lucky to have my husband framing for me. He's a perfectionist and does a better job than the framers - at less than half the cost. Now, though, he's telling me I have to do the companion piece to this, Brandon.