Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mini Mandala Done!

The top picture is the one taken at the time of all the other pictures last night, and the bottom one is from this morning, with it complete. I had to stay up late waiting for company to get here through the snow, so I put the time to good use. I like the looks of it and will be turning it into a little cushion for the friend who got here late last night. This also makes finish number seven of my ten project challenge and I get to start something else. Yay! I do finish things sometimes.


Hazel said...

That looks amazing. I am still pondering whether to do one or not. I am thinking they may be too intricate or too fidly for me as they look so intricate. It will look lovely as a cushion. Can't wait to see pics.

Meg said...

The Chatelaine stuff isn't as fiddly as say Teresa Wentzler. Martina doesn't do blended fibers and such. As long as you follow the directions, you're okay. She has a few freebies on her site. They open with Adobe and most are pretty simple. Why not start with one of them? Of course, this is from the person whose very first cross stitch over twenty years ago was a "pretty picture" I saw in McCall's. Turned out to be a 10x12 inch landscape with every single block stitched ... I learned a lot with it!


Anne S said...

Your Mini Mandala looks gorgeous! :D