Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rose Round Robin and Help, Please

I really need to get this done soon, so I've been working on it most every day this week. Why? Because I received the new one in the mail day before yesterday! Time for me to get working on it. So, I'll try to finish this up next week some time. My problem is the next one. It's a French poem about stitching and is really pretty. Evidently, we're supposed to put needlework tools in the border around it. I have no real charts for thimbles, pincushions, or scissors. Does anyone know of some out there? I know about the Bleu de Chine heart, but I want to put something on there they'd not regularly come across - in other words, something by a non-French designer. If you know of something that might suit, tell me please? I'm thinking of actually going to the point of making up a pincushion chart and a thimble chart ...


Sue said...

Hi Meg

Have you tried this company, I have used them in the past and they have a great selection of buttons and charms


Chelle said...

Meri has complimentary half doll and pincushion doll charts on her website. She also has scissor, sewing bird and various other charts on her blog.

You might check your local library and see if they have any design books with something that might work. The BH&G 2001 Cross Stitch Designs book has one page with nothing but needlework tools/related items. Good luck finding something!