Thursday, March 01, 2007

Victorian Garden Coming Along

I'm almost done with the center medallion, finally, and since some of the colors were same in Part 2 and I had extra in my needle after finishing off the colors in Part 1, I started it. That's what the line going off from the medallion is. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the center part done next week. This weekend, though, I'll be going off to visit a friend. Who knows how much stitching I'll actually do? On the other hand, I'll be able to when I get back! New pictures will be taken tonight as I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon.


Lani said...

You do such beautiful work! I love watching your projects come alive.

Hazel said...

This is lovely. Very Pretty. I have addded you to my blog if you dont mind.

Meg said...

Thank you both! I just like that I can finally see progress on things this way. Helps me keep going. It's really satisfying to know that other people like watching them grow, too!