Friday, April 17, 2009

BAPHA Spells Varna

We were in Varna, and yes, it's spelled that way in Cyrillic, Tuesday and Wednesday. Here are some pictures from Tuesday. It was chilly and cloudy, so, since it's a seaside resort, it wasn't as happy a place to be as I'm sure it is in the summer. This first picture is of the McDonald's. Every major Bulgarian city has at least two, I've observed.

Like Sofia, Varna has a lot of public sculpture. This piece is on the sea side of a large public walkway. You can see the nice way the road is laid out.

This is the bravest ship in the Bulgarian navy - it actually won a battle. In 1912. They are very proud of it.

A lot of Varna's architecture is definitely mid to late nineteenth-century, like this building. I just liked the look of it.

Here's a picture of the sea from the rather pathetic public beach. There's more beach that looks better up and down the coast, but the public bathing area's building has just been really neglected. It needs help. You can see how gray the sky is and how rough the sea is.

Here's another shot of the public walking areas. This is a plaza about a quarter mile from the picture of the sculpture. One thing about all the towns we visited is that there is a shopping district that's walled off to traffic. It's nice to just stroll down the avenue.


Anda said...

Hi Meg, I am enjoying the travelogue as well as the pictures of your stitching and your purchases. I'm waiting to see what you bought at the yarn shop.

Meg said...

I went yarn shopping again yesterday! I have lots of yarn now. Unfortunately, yarn pictures are going to have to wait until Monday. Someone lost the picture off his camera. Thanks for reading, Anda!

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