Thursday, April 23, 2009

Want a Puppy?

So - Monday we had to go to the grocery store after getting home from Bulgaria on Sunday. As we were driving down the road where the store is, something small came running toward us. We stopped, and it kept coming closer. I got out of the car and ... this cute little puppy bounded to my feet. I couldn't resist picking her up.

She's between three and four weeks old and we're transitioning her to solid food. Never touched by a human until Monday most likely, she's decided she loves people. Very sweet disposition and she'll grow to about the size of my Mattie the Magnificent. That's why I can't take her home. I already have three dogs, including one Sharr. I've been forbidden! She's with us until someone wants her or we go to Decani on Sunday. The monks there are looking for more Sharrs to act as guard dogs. Anyone want her?

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