Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sofia on Friday

We wandered around the more "official" part of Sofia yesterday. One thing I have to say is it's full of sculptures, most of them good. We toured the national art gallery and the ethnological museum and were disappointed. This top picture is the Russian orthodox church a couple of blocks from the main Alexander Nevski cathedral.

This interesting bishop or king was in a park in front of the National Art Gallery and Ethnological Museum (they're both in one building, and that building was -not- crowded).
We saw this cute little puppy when we stopped in Macedonia to stretch our legs. She was very friendly and loved being pet! I resisted and did not take her with. The blue doors to the back are the restrooms - well, not really restrooms. No real toilets, only pissoirs. One of those really third world moments.

And this is another sculpture in the same park. There were a lot of them here! You can see more pictures of Sofia from our wanderings here.

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