Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yarn from Sofia

My first yarn shop in Bulgaria introduced me to a brand I've never heard of before - Alize. I bought its mohair blend, which I'm turning into an afghan. It's got great loft and a very luxurious feel. What's better is the price was about $4 a skein ... for mohair ...
The smaller balls are all perle cotton. They were about a euro each. I really like the colors, but haven't used them yet.


Cyn said...

Hi meg,

Enjoying all of the recent posts!

Windy Meadow

stitchenmylifeaway said...

Yummy colors and what a price. If that afghan needs a home I'd be happy to send you my addy. Just Kidding

Thanks for the eyecandy

Anda said...

Hi Meg,
What pretty yarn. I can't believe you already started the afghan. When do you sleep, eat and sightsee? You will just miss our heatwave 90+. Have a good trip home.

Meg said...

Thanks all, and I do love this yarn. I love it so much that well ... you'll have to see in another stash post. And Anda, I heard about the heat wave! Glad I wasn't there, but it probably presages a hot summer. I get back tomorrow. In Vienna right now.