Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Tortured Turtle

Our hotel in Sofia, Hotel Niky, had an attached restaurant/beer garden. It's pictured here. On our last night in Sofia, we decided to take it easy and eat there. It was Palm Sunday evening and the place was crowded with kids and families. Children were running all over the place, and it's a garden with water and ... a turtle.

If cats have nine lives, this turtle had dozens. The poor thing was petrified with fear the whole time we were there, and with good reason. The children were barely avoiding it as they played in the area. Once, a child almost fell, knee onto the turtle's back. Poor turtle!
The pictures were taken the following morning at breakfast, so it looks empty. Turtle was still intact and in basically the same position. The food there was good and inexpensive, like almost everywhere in Sofia. Most places, you can walk out with full meals for under fifteen euros. We only paid more at one overpriced Greek restaurant.

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Diane (di) said...

Poor, poor turtle. But Meg those pictures are just wonderful. What a beautiful place to have a meal. I love it!