Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Loft Is So Easy

 The Loft is less than three blocks from the embassy, the wait staff speaks some English, and service is relatively fast.  This makes it our "go to" restaurant for quick lunches out.  This particular lunch was in early April.  We still wouldn't go if the food wasn't good, too.  We can get that any day at the embassy cafeteria....
 Andreas had two courses - a pasta and chicken dish that he said was pretty bland, and some other thing with potatoes and cream, which he said tasted better.  My lunch is below: zeama, a sour/salty chicken soup with noodles, and the "warm chicken breast salad".  The salad is mixed greens, no dressing, with sliced chicken breast and a soft boiled egg on top.  The restaurant serves it without dressing; I usually ask for balsamic vinegar.  The greens are invariably fresh, and the egg's yolk, when broken, covers the salad.  The chicken is moist and fairly flavorful, without have any really defined spice.

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pamelaric said...

Thank you for describing the contents and taste!!! It's called eating vicariously. Hey, and this way I get no extra calories. :-) My two favorite things in the world: eating and stitching. I really love how your projects are coming along. It's so much fun watching them all come to life. Thanks again for being so great with this blog. I've followed you for more than two years now, I think. You are my "wake-up" blog.