Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Temari For Sue

 This is the last temari I will be able to make for exchange.  The post office is to blame; because they took away our DPO zip code, I'm not able to mail anything that won't fit into a small priority mail box.  That means temari, because they're three dimensional, are not able to be mailed.  I'm severely bummed out.

To get back to this temari!  It's a C8 design that I saw.  This is my second time making the pattern, and I blinged it out a bit.  The colors are water ones, for the recipient is a boater.  Sue spends a lot of time on the water, so I made a temari to reflect her passion.  She's already received it and loves it.  I'm relieved!

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Rinda Just said...


I'm going to miss seeing your Temari. You've almost got me to the point that I want to learn to make them. They are so beautiful. I think it is really unfortunate that we expect our foreign service officers to have to do without even decent mail service. I'm surprised that mail services aren't available to you folks (incoming and outgoing) through the embassay or whatever other diplomatic offices are there.