Friday, June 29, 2012

Seasonal Dining

 Seasons advertises itself as a brasserie, and is in the first floor of MallDova.  This was a lunch meal, and I thank the ladies who let me photograph their lunches!  We started off with an order of bruschetta.  Their bread is crisp and the presentation is beautiful, as you can see.  It also tastes wonderful.  Unlike most prosciutto here, the pieces used on the bruschetta are moist and flavorful.  Definitely something we order often.
A couple of others and I had the beef salad.  Beef is problematic here.  It's hard to get some that's not tough and stringy, even with the best cuts.  They managed to get some that was very good.  There's a light balsamic dressing on the salad, and it complemented the beef and greens well.
 Greek salad here.  Most of the time, the locals use the local brinza as feta.  Seasons and some of the other restaurants use Bulgarian feta, which is probably the best feta I've ever tasted.  
Regan, who is gluten intolerant, had the steak medallion in mushroom sauce.  Presentation was impressive.  The top bits are shoestring potatoes and onions, and they tasted good too.  She was very pleased with her meal.
The chicken doesn't look nearly as impressive after the steak, but it tasted good, according to its eater.  This is their teriyaki flavored one.
And now, dessert.  This is a molten lava cake, which was brought to the table warm, along with some fruit and a scoop of ice cream.  Below is a caramelized banana with a brownie and three kinds of sauce, again with a scoop of ice cream.  My favorite is the banana, but both were excellent.


StitchyDon said...

That cake looks gorgeous !!!


pamelaric said...

Wow...I'd love to come eat lunch with you. However, I think the price of getting there might be a bit prohibitive. lol Thanks for the yummy descriptions!!!