Saturday, February 01, 2014

Surprisingly Fun

Pigeon Forge has a huge number of dinner shows that perform every night.  With such a surfeit, we decided we should see one.  The decision became pretty easy because so many were completely kid oriented.  Considering the price (most were over $50 a person), we were kind of surprised about the way they catered almost exclusively to children.  One, we thought, was less child oriented, so we went to it.  This was the Lumberjack Feud, which promised real lumberjack competitions.  They delivered.  All the major actors were champions of the national lumberjack competitions, including the girls.  There was some local history, some log rolling, some silliness, and some climbing and cutting.  Overall, it was rather fun.
 We had 'bears', so our food was served in bear proof container.  The food itself wasn't all that good.  It wasn't awful, but it definitely could stand improvement.  Drinks (all nonalcoholic) were served in mason jars.  The food (not presentation) was the only disappointment of the night.

You could tell the competitors wanted to win, even though the overall show was rigged to keep both teams in it through to the final event.  The stage was easy to see and it was interesting!  They even had dogs competing to fetch out of water and run over logs.

I'd go again in a few years to see if it changed, but would eat beforehand.

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