Friday, December 12, 2014

Lunch In The Jewish Quarter

 There is a whole small street of kosher restaurants across from the old synagogue in Krakow.  It evidently caters to the Jewish ghetto tourism trade.  We went down to that area of  town to see if there was something we were missing.  As an aside, although I am not Jewish, most of my Polish family was killed during WWII by the Nazis and the Russians.  I just didn't get the area.  It looks the same as the rest of the (nontourist) areas of Krakow and currently has no Jewish population.  It was pleasant, but so?   Anyway, the place was not somewhere I could see paying to get a tour of.  Part of my disinclination may be because of the way the current Israel treats both America and the rest of the middle east.

Anyway, on to the food.  This whole street was WAY overpriced on food.  It wasn't even particularly good food.  I had soup, salad, and onion rings, and Andreas had pierogies and salad.  The onion rings were obviously from a frozen bag, and I wouldn't say the soup wasn't from a can.  Andreas' pierogies were also from the frozen food section of the grocery store.  My salad was just plain weird.  Maybe they think they can take advantage of people who are in that area because of their sad memories.  If so, shame on them.

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