Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meal With Mead

This is the meal we had with the mead from yesterday.  Our first item was bacon wrapped fried cheese.  Who could resist such a treat?  Not us!  Andreas and Yvette had hunter stew while I had pumpkin soup.  Theirs came in fancy bread bowls and was actually made with a rye based broth.  Both of them liked it.  It also came with sausages to cut up and put in.  We also split some pierogies and creamed mushrooms.  We all liked the mead so we decided to do a sampler set of it.  They had four different meads and we took sips of all of them to decide which we liked best.  

Andreas was intrigued by the Hunter's Feast on the menu, so we decided to return later in the week for Yvette's birthday.

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