Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Hunter's Feast

 For Yvette's birthdaay we went back to Miod i Wino for the Hunter's Feast.  This meal is a production and worth its not insubstantial expense.  We started with mead again, of course.  The feast starts with soup - Andreas and Yvette had the sour rye soup again.  There were beets, mushrooms, pierogi, sauces, and more meat than imaginable.  The menu describes the meal as good for three to four people.  It's truly better for six, there's that much food.  As you can see from the antler photo, serving this meal is a production.  The waiter even had to put on a costume to wheel everything out.  So yes, it's a lot of food and beautiful, but how did it taste?  Everything was great, from the venison to the creamed mushrooms.  We loved it.  We'd definitely do it again.  If you're looking for a signature dinner in Krakow, I'd say this is the place to get it.

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