Sunday, December 28, 2014

First Oliva Visit

 Andreas and I went to Oliva in the Riscani district of Chisinau for dinner in November.  We went because we'd heard it was good and that it delivered.  We were not disappointed with the food or service.  The place is warm and inviting with a wood burning oven cooking the pizza.

I was somewhat disappointed with my mushroom soup because they upgraded it with chicken chunks.  I would have preferred it chickenless.  My pizza was great, with real Moldovan bacon on it.  Andreas' pizza was nice and hot with hot peppers on it.  We also had "bruschetta," which was flavored butter on bread.  The butter was waaaay too much for the amount of bread.  It tasted good, though.  The greek salad used a lot of fresh veg, which is hard to find in Moldova in November.  Overall, a very good experience.  So good, in fact, we ordered delivery from them the next week.

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