Monday, December 01, 2014

Skip Dinner, Go For Breakfast

We didn't get to Krakow on Monday night as planned.  Instead, we allowed ourselves to be bumped and received 500 euros and a free night with dinner and breakfast at the NH Vienna airport hotel.  As per my post yesterday, we had already had dinner a few hours before and weren't really hungry, but we decided to go look anyway.  Dinner was miserable looking!  There weren't any real straight up meats.  The pastas looked pasty.  Lots of fish, but we don't eat fish.  I had salad.  Andreas even had salad.  It was that bad.

 Breakfast, on the other hand, was much better.  There was a large selection of fresh fruit.  The eggs were fresh.  Even the wait staff were perkier.  Lots of fresh juice, too, and pastries.  

We arrived late to both meals, so it wasn't a difference of timing in that they were at the end of serving.  It was just that dinner was that bad.  At both meals, they were still putting out food when we left.

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