Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another Round Robin Started

I'm back to my more regular round robin now and trying to play catch up. This is a calendar round robin; mine was Lizzie Kate. This person chose Margaret Sherry's zodiac. It seems to be made up all of cats. There was a hold for Libra with everything around it done, so I decided to do that one. I want to mail it out by Friday, so I'll be working on it quite a bit this week.


Connie said...

Hi there, I love to do RR but I have been off line for 3 years. I can't seem to find a good group to stitch with. Thought maybe you could send me in the right direction.


Meg said...

Hi Connie-

Both of the round robin groups I use are UK based, so they're international. The first is and the second is a yahoogroup - You have to ask for membership for both, but you can find the info to do that on their sites. Enjoy!