Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Commitment for Next Year

Here it is December's beginning and I'm already committing to things for next year. Woe is me! I always overcommit. I've already signed up for the Celtic Mystery from Chatelaine Designs, will be leading a group for EGA's 17th Century Sampler for my local chapter, and I talked myself into Sharon B's "Take It Further" challenge. And that's on top of what I've already got started. I'm determined to get a lot done next year. I did get quite a bit accomplished this year, even if day to day it doesn't look like much. What are you thinking about doing next year with your stitching?


Lani said...

Yes, definitely a full plate for you next year! I look forward to seeing pics of them as you work on them.
As for my stitching next year? I plan on taking it to Iraq with me. Have stitching, will travel!

Meg said...

Good luck there, and I hope you get a lot of stitching done. But you've got to finish your hardanger before then!