Friday, December 28, 2007

Stitchy Goals for 2008

I'm not one for resolutions, but I am a great fan of goals. Planning is good. Feeling guilty because you took something out of order or strayed off a straight line for half a minute is not. These are things I hope to accomplish with my stitching in the new year. As I complete them, I'll update this post. They're not in any real order, just the order in which I thought of them in the past few days.

1. Complete the Medieval Town Mandala. I started it in May of 2006 and have been working steadily on it since then. It's about time it was done.

2. Work two pieces that have been languishing for over a year into my rotation. Both are quite a ways toward completion. One is The Traveler by Teresa Wentzler. The other is a Barbara and Cheryl house.

3. Finish Crewel Choices. This has an actual deadline of the end of January.

4. Finish Celtic Knot. This one also has a deadline of the beginning of March. It's for my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary.

5. Complete an ornament a month. It doesn't matter the method. Just make an ornament each month instead of bunching them all up at the end of the year.

6. Complete the Take It Further Challenge. This means incorporating whatever the challenge is into a piece every year.

7. Complete, on time, the two GCC's I've signed up for that start in the next couple of weeks. One is the 17th Century English Sampler and the other one is the Swiss Sampler.

8. Make a new stocking for my husband. His got fused together in our last move and it's not well finished. He needs a new one.

9. Complete Lady of the Flag to be raffled for charity.

10. Make significant progress on the Chatelaine pieces I'm working on that are not specificially listed otherwise in these goals.

11. Complete Midi Mystery 2. It was started in July of 2006. About time I got it done.

12. Make one goldwork piece.

13. Stitch Velo Bibendum for my husband. I haven't made anything specifically for him in a while. It's time.

14. Make myself a purse. I don't have a single item of stitching that I wear or carry with me that's completed.

15. Stitch a design created by my daughter Tory.

I think that's probably more than I'll actually finish, but it's good to be ambitious. I'll finish some and at least start others and it'll get done eventually. What are your goals for next year? Do you have something you have to/want/would love to finish? What about starting something new on the first? I know a lot of people do that too.


Anonymous said...

As the New Year approaches its always good to get your thoughts into some sort of order. I have one large project I am considering starting on the 1st of January - with a view to completing as much as possible during 2008.
I would like to say how much I have enjoyed reading your thoughts this year and seeing your work - a memorable one for me was the beaded purse you completed.

The Silver Thistle said...

I've only got 2 goals for this finish my Medieval Town Mandala and to finish my Leanne's House quilt.

I'm keeping things simple so I have a fighting chance of meeting them, lol. Anything else is a bonus.

Happy New Year!

Meg said...

Maybe I can egg you on on MTM! Thank you both for the compliments, and yes, the beaded purse is one of my favorites. My absolute favorite is the Silk and Metal project.