Sunday, December 16, 2007

Latest Crazy Quilt Ornament - Done

This is the piece I was disappointed with last week. I just kept embellishing and it ended up looking okay. Not spectacular, but nothing to be ashamed of, either. The front is a lot more laden than the back, but then - it should be. There's a pucker in the seam where I put it together on the lower left - I'll be fixing that before I put it on the tree. The lesson I learned was not to judge things too harshly before they're done. Now to apply it! This also counts as the nineteenth project on my twenty-five project challenge, since I did it completely from my stash.


kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Good lesson or all of us to learn, Meg! Not judging ourselves too harshly along the way! This one is or your own tree is it? Very nice!
Hugs, Kerry

Chelle said...

I like how this turned out, Meg!

Meg said...

Thank you both!