Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chinese Food In Trouville

 It's pretty hard to find non-seafood restaurants in Trouville/Deauville.  We did, however, find Le Phenix, a Chinese restaurant!  Since Chinese is hard to find in Chisinau, we decided to try it.  Chinese food in France is bland!  Andreas had egg rolls and I had egg drop soup as our starters.  The soup was good and the un-spicyness didn't show because egg drop soup isn't normally spicy.

 I also had tea as my drink.  It took a bit to steep, and Andreas took the picture before it was done.  Below is a photo of the entrance.  They do the Chinese dragon motif throughout, and the wait staff, at least, is ethnically Chinese.

 The main course revealed its blandness.  We had a beef in oyster sauce and a chicken with cashew one.  We each at both, and it was just okay.  I think I'll make Chinese at home to get it spicy.  As dessert, Andreas got canned pineapple slices and I got orange confit.  The confit was definitely weird.  Oh, did I mention that it still cost us twenty euros each?

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