Thursday, July 04, 2013

Lunch In Honfleur

 Despite the breeze and chill, we ate lunch outside in Honfleur last week.  At least it was bright and sunny!  I had a cup of cider and Andreas had water.  It's nice, now. Most places you can get tap water in France.  It used to be they'd only sell you bottled water.  The tap is free, and comes in cute bottles.  We shared a cheese plate.  Andreas discovered that he doesn't like Pont L'Eveque cheese.  He liked the others, though.  I had a buckwheat crepe and remembered why I don't like buckwheat.... Andreas liked the omelette under his fries very much.  It was stuffed with bacon and cheese.  The fries were crisp and hot, too.  I had a (better) crepe for dessert, as it came with my menu.  No more buckwheat for me! I've learned that I don't like it.

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