Monday, July 08, 2013

Dinner At Les Vapeurs

 Les Vapeurs is across from the Trouville quay.  Because it's got a nice view, it's expensive.  We were hungry, though, and all the restaurants in the area were expensive and about the same looking to us.  We made the mistake of going in.  The waitress was downright rude to us once she figured out we were not drinking and not ordering appetizers.  She wrote us off as impoverished instead of just not interested in those things.  She plopped stuff on the table and stalked off.  It looked like she believed it was beneath her to serve us.  This meal, by the way, still came to nearly 50 euros.  The tip didn't reflect that, for some reason, though.  It was a case of making sure you get what you fear in her case.

As for the food itself, it was acceptable but not exceptional.  Andreas had the charcuterie, which ended up being two meals for him.  I had a rumsteck with shallot sauce.  The beef tasted like it had been sauteed in a pan with fish in it.  I hate fish, so it wasn't a good thing.  The fries were limp and underdone.  So far, the most overpriced and underwhelming meal in France.

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