Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It Got Us Through

This Skoda Yeti was the car we rented in France.  It was a free upgrade from the compact car we were supposed to get.  We drove approximately four thousand kilometers in eighteen days.  The Yeti went through this, including back country roads, with little fuss.  It was small, but roomy enough for the two of us.  We did not feel crowded in the front seats.  One thing we were annoyed with was the Yeti's extreme reluctance to go in reverse.  It was always a fight when we had to back up.  This was consistent the whole time, and seemed to be a "feature" of the car.  It also had a very large turning radius. 
This was the first Skoda we've driven.  We felt it was solidly built, but will not be looking to drive one again.  The reverse is definitely a problem for us.

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