Monday, July 29, 2013

Got Lost, Great Food

 Sometimes the GPS is imperfect.  Sometimes that imperfection results in serendipity.  Such was the case on our last night in Normandy.  We were looking for Deux Tonneaux, but found Prieure instead.  It was a very good find.  Unfortunately, the place doesn't take credit cards, and we were a bit low on cash, leaving the next day.   There was also no cash machine in the village. Because of that, we didn't order all we would have.  I got the prix fixe meal and Andreas got a main course of rabbit.  We shared the salad, which was fresh and wonderful.

 Here's a picture of the front area with a plate and the outdoor dining area below.  This place is also a hotel and has a playground for children and a wonderful canal running through the property.

 Here is Andreas' rabbit.  He said it tasted good, and he loved the fries too.  He also said that he could get rabbit at least as good for half the price at home in Moldova.
 My beef  was tender and flavorful.  I didn't eat the potatoes, of course.  It was traditional and not very spicy, though.
 Cheese for palate cleansing.  I could get Andreas to only eat the brie.  Cheese is good!
Dessert was creme brulee, which was perfectly made - crispy crust and smooth, creamy pudding.  I definitely recommend this place, but bring cash!  It's a couple of miles outside of Pont l"Eveque in St. Hymer.  Go. Enjoy.  And pet the dog for me!

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