Thursday, June 07, 2007

Beuzeville Part 1

This is the small town we're closest to. It's about three miles from the chateau. It's a very pretty town and has a lot of services, including about ten restaurants. The plaque in the top and second pictures is on the church and is a visible reminder of World War 2. There are a lot of such reminders - the town's graveyard has several Union Jacks still flying, and the commonwealth war graves are still tended.

The donkeys were in the middle of town. Did I mention we're in a big agricultural area? Also in the middle of town are cows, miniature horses and chickens. Everything is in backyards. The house below seems deserted and we thought it looked pretty.

All the main streets have flower baskets on the lampposts. I thought they looked nice. This is looking south in town from just south of the church.

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