Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yesterday's Trip to Caen

My son and I went to Caen yesterday to the Normandy Museum to work on my Legacy scholarship from the EGA. It's in the Ducal Chateau - originally built by William of Normandy (yes, the 1066 William). The walls rise about fifty feet above the town center and there are several buildings inside. It was all rebuilt after World War Two.
As you can see, the French have a penchant for ignoring handicapped access. Their stairs are steep and there's no way to get around them. Makes a pretty scary picture!

This is the entrance to the chateau area. Rather imposing.

I saw this building from the top of the walls and liked the look of it, so I took a picture.

I -think- this is the Abbaye aux Hommes. Whatever it is, it's just across the street from the chateau walls and it caught my interest.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,
What color fabric are you using for the background?

Anonymous said...

So, um, are you going to tell what happened -inside-....? grin

Lynn in southern NJ

Chelle said...

Awesome pictures! I'm enjoying your stay in Normandy.

Francesca C. Ben Guirat said...

the church you took a picture of is Eglise Saint Pierre de Caen.