Monday, June 25, 2007

Huswif, Somewhat of a Rant

I finished the second of three parts of embroidery on this last week and started on the third and final part. It's coming along well, but I'm really displeased with the lack of customer service of Carol Tinson of Heirloom Embroideries. When we signed up for the class, we were told that we'd have her on a forum to help us and that each part would be mailed on the first of the month. The final part, the part that gives finishing instructions and materials, supposedly was mailed on Thursday instead of June first. There was no communication from Carol for six weeks. She's been pretty much absent during the whole mystery on the boards.

I can take neglect. I can even take delays in mailing. What I cannot take is a complete lack of communication as exhibited by this designer. Although I like the design, there are other mysteries out there by other designers who actually inform their customers of hiccups and delays. When she did get onto the boards on Thursday and told us that it was mailed out, her tone was not one of apology but of whining and "poor, pitiful me" type stuff. I don't buy from designers or sign up for classes to have designers treat their businesses as coffee klatches. Not interested, don't care. I will not be purchasing from this designer again.

The course, by the way, was prepaid and she was good about communication before it started. I counsel anyone who is interested in doing a course with this designer to think long and hard and know, going in, that there won't be much support and there will probably be delays and possibly even not finishing of the course.


Anonymous said...

Meg, I have so enjoyed your blog and your pictures. I send hugs after your rant and thanks for the info on Carol.
Jane in WV

Chelle said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience, Meg! I appreciate the honest information.

Meg said...

Thanks, both of you. I really hate slamming a designer and I try to keep by blog upbeat (except for wailing about my lack of progress), but it majorly irks me when someone running a business doesn't treat the business as a business.

And yes, I have owned my own business before and am contemplating opening another one.