Saturday, June 16, 2007

Goldwork Gains

I worked a couple of hours on the goldwork this week and made a lot of progress here in France. I have a really nice table with direct sunlight that I use. It works well. I'm going to try to finish it up next week. I'm so happy it's almost done!


Hazel said...

Your goldwork is looking great and I love your seahorse. xx

Anonymous said...

Looking good!

Lynn in southern NJ

Unknown said...

May I ask which type/colour thread you used to filled in the leaves? It looks great with the gold.

Would it be possible to email me the answer at a_velvet_claw@yahooDOTcomDOTau? Blogger is so hopeless at informing anyone of followup comments, as well as possibly putting the answer on the blog for the other embroiderers?

I was just having a nice wander through your blog, but this isn't a post I'll come across again in the near many blogs, so many interesting entries!