Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pont Audemer

Pont Audemer is the nearest town of any real size to us. We went there after Deauville on Saturday. The top picture is of the stitch shop I found just off the square with the church of St. Ouen. It not only has cross stitch supplies, but needlepoint and quilting. It's really unusual to find quilting supplies in France. The owners spoke English, too! Anyway, I bought a few things and will take pictures of them on Friday. I'll definitely be going back there next week, too. The second picture is of the church. I loved the idea of begonias growing out of the walls. There are supposedly some really pretty stained glass windows inside, but we didn't go in this trip.
The last three pictures are of the area around one of the main squares. It was a busy day and we ate lunch in one of the creperies opposite the church.

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Deb said...

These are gorgeous pictures, Meg!! I would have loved to be with you in that stitch shop!! Ugh..I'm so jealous!
Deb/French Sampler SAL Group