Sunday, June 03, 2007

Seahorse Start

The last time I visited my friend in Virginia, I picked up this cute little seahorse kit from Accomplishments in Charlottesville. It's from New Zealand and I don't have the name of the designer/kitmaker in front of me. I'll provide it later. Anyway, I started it to have something to do by the bed while my husband finishes brushing his teeth and so on before bed. It's not in my regular rotation for that reason.


Anonymous said...

Meg, I hope you're having a wonderful time in France. I am certainly enjoying your blog. And I love Accomplishments in C'ville too. I go there when I go over to visit my DD. Jane in WV

Sue said...

Love the seahorse ;)

Meg said...

Thanks both! And I' m enjoying my time here, really. I love traveling, more than my husband, who's a real homebody and travels about a third of his time for work.

The name of the company the kit's from is Strand. They make the wool for it too, and it's all New Zealand wool.