Friday, June 29, 2007

Third Band Takes Shape

The third band is almost done, as this picture shows. It's a rather large one, considering. I think the next one is smaller. I''m definitely not going to have this done in time to turn in for evaluation, so I'm afraid I've lapsed slightly and let the back of the piece get a little less perfect. My husband will be framing it so the back doesn't show anyway. I do like my color choices and will probably add one or two more colors in blue or green as I go.


Anonymous said...

Hello-That is a beautiful desig in blue? blackwork. I am just now trying my hand at it but I don't make it reversible. I am really inspired by your design. Good going!

Chelle said...

It's incredible Meg!

Meg said...

Thanks! And yes, blackwork, even back at the beginning, was often worked in colors other than black.