Monday, July 09, 2012

Birthday Lunch

 Sean's birthday was the day before his graduation, so we had a birthday lunch with him.  It was at the most fancy Italian restaurant in Worcester, and the food was excellent.  The service was excellent too, despite a forty person party a few tables over.  We had a -lot- of food, too, and left stuffed.  I missed French onion soup, so I had some.  Sean and Andreas shared some calamari, which they said was not the best, but not bad, and we all had fried mozzarella.  Unlike most places, they used fresh.  It tasted great.  The marinara sauce tasted a bit lemony.

 Sean had some kind of stuffed chicken thing, which is evidently a favorite of his.  Andreas had pasta.  I had chicken marsala.  It was somewhat bland, but the mushrooms were lovely!  I rarely get mushrooms at home because Andreas doesn't like them.  It's one reason why I eat so many mushroom containing dishes when we're out.   Great food, and a wonderful place to visit, even if I can't remember the name.

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