Friday, July 06, 2012

Caravan Ride

 In downtown Chisinau, there's an Uzbek restaurant called Caravan.  We've been there before and I've put pictures of their tables and layout on the blog a couple of months ago, so this time it's just about the food.

We got the appetizer/cheese plate this time, and you can tell it's got a wonderful presentation.  The cheese was local stuff, and not bad but not great.  Vegetables fresh and tasty.  The bread is a typical Uzbek one, and the salads are what you get in eastern Europe - a guess as to what's in it, and rarely dressed.  It tasted good.  The draw, of course, is pilaf.  I am not a huge fan of pilaf, but Andreas loves it and says theirs is excellent.  The soup I had was a dumpling soup in a vegetable stock, which was a bit sour.  That sour bit is normal in soup here, as everyone puts "bors acru" in their broth.  Two kinds of dumplings - steamed and baked.  Other than that, they're identical.  The steamed ones taste better to me, and both could use some kind of dipping sauce.  Finally, my cappucino with a nice little touch of presentation.  The restaurant is expensive for Chisinau, but that means we got out for about $50 for the both of us, including drinks.


Tatyana Ratcliffe said...

ой как вкусно!!! Хочу!Хочу!

Meg said...

Come here and go out to dinner with us, then!