Wednesday, July 04, 2012


 I received my Midnight Fantasy Garden block back a week and a half ago.  It was stitched on by four ladies.  Two of them did a wonderful, lovely, great job.  Their work is pretty much all on the right side of the block.  They did some great embroidery and an applique butterfly and crocheted pieces on it.  I love the right side of the block. 

The right was mainly done by the other two ladies.  I cried when I saw it.  I hadn't specifically said "no apple faces" and "no pastels"  an "no toy butterflies" on my block, but I had hoped that, you know, people would stick to the theme and the color scheme, overall.  It's courteous to do so.  I will be completely reworking the left side soon.  The current configuration brings me pain.

This, along with some other issues in the group, is why I am not signing up for more round robins with Crazy Quilting International.  I do my best work, looking at the block and the preferences of the block owner, and don't throw whatever is in my "to be tossed" pile of accessories to put on a block.  I'd like others to do the same.  Unfortunately, these two ladies (and I keep getting into round robins with them for some reason), don't follow the golden rule in that regard.  

Should I be as upset as I am in this regard?


pamelaric said...

Just my humble opinion here. I, too, do my artistic very best when in an exchange or round robin. I'm a beader and a cross stitcher mainly. I quit doing them because I'd work my artistic heart out and I'd get back stuff that was just thrown together. In other words...crap. I understand what you are saying but I also think the block can be saved. I think you can remove the unwanted parts and use your artistic best to create a beautiful block with what is left, for yourself. Yes, you have permission to be upset, but don't dwell on it. Just don't do it again. :-) You know the people whose work you respect. Contact them specifically to do an exchange. You'll feel better with the results that way.

Meg said...

Thank you Pamela, for your comment. I haven't reworked this block yet, but will be soon. I've decided, for now, that I'm busy enough I don't need to do any round robins. That may change in the dead of winter, but for now.... I'm doing other things!